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Cooking oil is expensive. Would you like to save up to 50% on fryer oil purchases every month? If you do, then OiLChef is for you. How much could you save every year?

The OiLChef device is a small accessory that fits inside your Deepfryer and will double the life of your frying oil, saving you up to 50% on oil purchasing. This is not a filter!

OiLChef is virtually maintenance free, takes 3 seconds to install and only needs to be replaced every 3 years.  Manufactured and distributed in the USA, FDA Approved technology, and winner of “Best Eco-Friendly Frying Solution 2021” and "Best Kitchen Innovation 2022".

Click to watch our 60 second explainer video: https://youtu.be/UMGuvCnFSHc

No wires, chemicals, replacement parts and virtually unbreakable, each unit comes with a full 3-year warranty, and we give you a “try before you buy 14-day money back guarantee”!

With OiL Chef in your fryer, your food cooks quicker, becomes a little crispier, absorbs less oil and your food holds its texture for longer which is fantastic news for your delivery and kerb side pick-up!

Reduce your carbon footprint further by investing in our Eco-Friendly deep fryer accessory.

The environment wins, your customers win and YOUR BOTTOM-LINE WINS!
Email or call us today (freephone 1-833-OiL-Chef) to learn more https://oilchef.com/contact-us/

OiLChef is the winner of the “Winner Best Kitchen Innovation 2022”

Sean Farry
Eco Friendly Chef Corp.


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